Burning River Peer Support Network

Our organization was established in November 2019. After implementing a mental health and wellness initiative at the Lakewood Fire Department, we quickly realized that our initiative reached beyond the walls of the Lakewood Fire Department and that we needed to address the issues on a regional level. It made sense to us, that, rather than each department duplicating our process, we could utilize other department members as branches of our organization.

Who do we serve?
We look to support first responders in the Greater Cleveland Area, encouraging mental health and wellness by taking holistic approach to our lifestyles both in and out of the firehouse. Our mission is to minimize first responder suicides by creating platform for our members to feel comfortable addressing their mental health needs. Our focus will be maintaining Healthy lifestyles, through Outreach, Prevention, and Education. Creating an environment where individuals and their families can communicate their needs is paramount to facilitating help through the proper channels. Confidentiality is the foundation on which we operate in order to assist our current and past members down the road of happiness.