Lakewood Urban Bird Society

Help restore the Celeste Purple Martin House to its former glory in Lakewood Park.

In 1989, Stephen and Margaret Dubiel donated an elaborate Purple Martin house to the city of Lakewood in memory of former Mayor Frank Celeste.  A unique creation by Mr. Dubiel, who was a machinist by trade, the house has stood just north of the Lakewood Women’s Club Pavilion ever since.  The Celeste Purple Martin House is home to a breeding colony of Purple Martins that return from Lakewood Park from their wintering grounds in South America each April. All summer, the Martins fill the park with their beautiful songs and treat visitors to dazzling displays of aerial acrobatics as they hunt flying insects over the lakefront.

At the time the house was donated to the city, it had already been exposed to the elements for 18 years and nearly 50 years of Lakewood weather has taken its toll on Mr. Dubiel’s masterpiece.  Last October, the maintenance crew at Lakewood Park took the house down for repairs, and we have established this fund to defray the cost of restoring it to its former glory.  Local sculptor Stephen Yusko made the needed repairs and the boys at Miracle Auto Body applied a new coat of paint that should preserve our Martin mansion for decades to come.

The house was put back up in Lakewood Park in early April 2018. The Purple Martins returned, as have other bird species. This Lakewood Park landmark is once again providing shelter and a home to our feathered friends. But we still need your help! Maintaining this house and expanding the services of the Urban Bird Fund will take continued support in the coming years.

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