H2O Fundraisers

Pieces of the Puzzle, Parts of the Whole
This year, H2O Summer Service Camp was a remote experience, full of heart and creativity and the desire to help others. Campers created beautiful projects designed to raise money for hunger relief in Lakewood. 100% of proceeds from sales will benefit Lakewood Community Services Center and Lakewood Charitable Association and additional donations are accepted with purchases. Purchases of raffle tickets for the wall hangings or direct purchases of clay pots support families and individuals struggling with food insecurity. You are also supporting the young “makers” who have an earnest desire to create change in their community. One more bonus: They would make lovely, thoughtful gifts! Pick up dates and times are:
Thursday, December 10 5:00-7:00
Saturday, December 12 10:00-noon
Women’s Pavilion at Lakewood Park
The raffle drawings for the Vibrant Wall Hangings will take place as a Facebook Live event on Wednesday, December 9th at noon. Winners will be notified immediately afterward.Vibrant Wall Hangings
These one-of-a-kind pieces are collaborative works of art. Each camper created one, guided by their own creativity and minimal instruction. They are being raffled—please fill out the link with your choices and follow up by purchasing your tickets with the PayPal link provided. If you prefer cash or check purchase for raffle tickets, please contact emmie.hutchison@lakewoodoh.net.

Here is the link to browse and choose from wall hangings.

Google Form to Select Wall Hangings

Raffle Ticket

Clay Pots

Each clay pot is a $6.00 donation. Please browse the available works here and select by emailing emmie.hutchison@lakewoodoh.net to claim which pot(s) you would like to purchase and I’ll mark them “sold.” I will also respond to confirm your purchase; if more than one buyer is interested in a pot, I will determine which request came in first. Finally, I will offer options for payment to be made before the pick-up dates.