Our Mission

The Lakewood Foundation is a private, not for profit, community based organization. The Lakewood Foundation enhances the lives of Lakewood residents by serving as the fiscal agent for service groups and city departments. The trustees of the Lakewood Foundation supervise and support special projects they believe will further the well being of the Lakewood community.


The Lakewood Foundation was created in 1996 as a 501(c)(3) to support programs and activities that enhance the lives of Lakewood residents by enabling them to live more productively and with dignity. To accomplish this goal, The Lakewood Foundation will act as the fiscal agent for non-profit organizations located in Lakewood or formed for the benefit of the residents of Lakewood as approved by The Lakewood Foundation Board of Trustees. In addition, The Lakewood Foundation will also provide advocacy and fiscal management of programs, grants and charitable contributions to the City of Lakewood, Department of Human Services.

The Lakewood Foundation has assisted various groups within the City of Lakewood with fundraising efforts by serving as the fiscal agent for their projects. Currently we serve Kid’s Cove (the current renovation), Friends of Madison Park, The Veteran’s Memorial Renovation, Cleveland Indian’s Charities Baseball Field Renovation, Lakewood Community Baseball Association, The Lakewood Farmer’s Market, Lakewood Outdoor Basketball Committee, Leashed Dogs in Lakewood Parks, The Lakewood Animal Safety and Welfare Advisory Board, The Lakewood Garden Club, Live Well Lakewood, and Kauffman Park Friends.

Over the past several years, The Lakewood Foundation has worked vigorously to support and assist all of the programs of the Department of Human Services. Current programming include: The Family Room, H2O, Family to Family Play a Day, Lakewood Commission on Aging and The Aging Nutrition Site.

The Lakewood Foundation is comprised of Voting Members- at -Large representing the general community. The Lakewood Foundation is governed by our Bylaws and Investment Policy, copies available upon request. A portion of our funds are by invested with the Cleveland Foundation and Raymond James & Associates, Inc.